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tv   Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse  CSPAN  September 3, 2017 10:01pm-11:04pm EDT

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have half of americans continue to vote of the side there is still the yearning inside i appreciate stopping by.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> good evening on behalf of the entire staff at the bookstore, welcome and back in february 2016 when the republican primary was filled and was crowded john nichols wrote an article said president trumpet could happen at the time the
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scenario seemed stretched but now we are living it and he has taken and i was just telling him how tricky that word is. by end his book "horsemen of the trumpocalypse" he sketches out several players of the trump administration and a national correspondent and currently rights not only for the nation and living in madison wisconsin where he is the editor at the capital times maybe saw him on tv where he appears as a commentator so you
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don't sit still too much those that have proven to be unsettled and with his new book in june several of the several advisers have actors that will have considerable influence over the trump presidency or remain in other government offices and checks their special interest and the impact they are likely to have. the list to say he is highly critical and strongly opposed trump calling for
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the all-out resistance that identified all the wrongdoers and collaborators and conspiracy -- conspirators and calls for holding them to account. this book is a step in that direction. we're looking forward to a spirited debate. the author john nichols. [applause] >> say it with me. what how well they did "horsemen of the trumpocalypse" i had no idea what i set out to write this book i think of the title first. i had no idea that the title would be so difficult but i had done about 20 and radio
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tv interviews so far. those of us traveled with the term trumpocalypse it is what happens if the people that donald trump empowers get things to the placer they would like to be and the trumpocalypse we know who they are and number two we know how to resist and that is the point of this book and no we're supposed to be depressed and scared back writing this book that anybody can be a member of a cabinet i will guarantee you
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i have a better cabinet than donald trump so i just want to start quickly by saying politics and prose that is a wonderful for independent bookstore going to those downturns and no going back to the book and the printed page is a model for the whole country. thanks for having me here. [applause] also for never giving up on us c-span and booktv opens up in this book i was analyzing these cabinet picks i would watch morning
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journal and listen to the calls on both sides because it knows -- and gives you both sides of the trump cabinet and his divisor's and many of them are stronger than trump. any that come with a historic power base rooted in their wealth and connections and long term ideological thought -- a journey are people that donald trump cannot fire. jeff sessions. he is not going to get rid of jeff sessions unless he is watching tonight and he is and bears the we revealed this. but jeff sessions has the power base rooted in the
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south end are anti-immigrant and have played the race card again and again in politics it is a small portion that is essential to the donald trump base after the tragedy and horror of charlottesville donald trump struggled to call up the people that nec's and american president would have said no place whatsoever so jeff sessions will remain but not for that reason. in the back is my friend named ben i'm always in the room with people who are more important than the which is every one of view budget in this case watching
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the fight over the health care bill are trying to get rid of obamacare the people of this ability to come across this country who stayed for days and weeks sometimes slept in the street it was incredibly difficult yes it was a matter of life and death and to prevent this administration and allies to achieve one of the greatest. in the person who is out there every night with them those who had come across the country as the constitution makes it clear if you saw a video that moment it was announced the senate rejected you could
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see the guy cheering in the back and it was ben right here. [applause] we will take a lot of questions because c-span is your and we love them but it's a chance for all of you to be on television if you are you could be president of the united states. [laughter] so why you write the book? that was covering donald trump as he campaigned for president it became clear for a variety of reasons there is a possibility donald trump could become president of the united states. it was clear he would be the of the republican nominee
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they are a bunch of rich people who exploit the fears of those who are not as rich as they are but donald trump came in the middle and said those guys have been lying to you. and they said we don't like them either so suddenly there was a rejection of the republican party and then donald trump turned around using a similar strategy, don't trust the people you're a trusted of to this point they have been lying to you in letting you down. so now just remember he didn't lose. he got 46 percent of the vote which is 1.last then
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there romney he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes 54 percent did not vote for him to be the president most countries on the planet he would be back on a tv show right now. i think everybody would be happier including donald trump so one of the things i realized covering him during the 2016 campaign that was in getting in front of the crowd of people to rile them up and that is to be a bad boy. and then what they're supposed to say and people who have grown or of the
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board with politics now he says things you're not supposed to say. but what i recognized he knows nothing about governing. he knows absolutely nothing and that might then he has not spent his entire life thinking that patti smith said and she became a rock star she was ready spending 20 years in front of the emir interviewing herself. i will be ready for it. he did not know people are having a connection or understand the process and
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was unprepared to be president of the united states. so from the very beginning when he became president, if that did happen i said it could. but i did not predict apropos but i was certain he would be defined not by what he did but his key positions and his presidency would not be about him but how he distributed the power of the presidency. this is a very big deal because everybody says that is not right for go all that television does is show me every several -- every single thing he has done that day i watched an icy
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his tweet verbatim 24/7. that is not running a country that is the apprentice that is a tv show and he is good at that but he knows nothing about how to assemble a government. and this guy who knew nothing put into positions of power does anybody know very good we have of a winner you are right it is four or five. we know the names of george
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washington's cabinet. these are big deal people. but donald trump struggled when he was announcing devoss he was struggling to remember which job he appointed her to. and was expanded to be so imperial that a president has the ability to put people in charge of our future education and transportation "war and peace" these are deficit -- definitional positions in he had no idea who he would pick. maybe i will make use secretary of state or maybe i won't? he was struggling because people were
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presenting themselves to him. to lobby for the position you're supposed to come with at least a few ideas of what you want to do so that is old woody guthrie and then the floor of the '30's or '40's kennedy said want to be the loudest yowler. when the rollout is caving in he said yes i like you, you'd make a lot of noise. so betsy devoss is allowed is to alert against public education for the better part of 20 years. nobody would a ever have
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paid attention to her whatsoever except she's rich and in america if you are rich you could be president of united states or secretary of education. but not because you know anything you could buy your way into it. when betsy devoss came before the senate committee that it was constitutionally bound to analyze if she was qualified to serve as secretary of education to guide the future of our children and to get to the heart of the fact the program that was central to the department of education.
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it was a tragic and painful and betsy devoss made me feel sorry for her. and with that tragic stumbling way there with the economics and class we just looked for a long time and said i have a question for you if you had not been given $200 million of you in your family to the republican candidates do you think there is any chance you'd be sitting here with the nomination? and she did not say of course, i know
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education top to bottom she said it is possible. [laughter] even she knew this was ridiculous for row the fact is nominee after nominee after nominee and never had to go through the confirmation process that were given the immense power by donald trump. to decide if there is neutrality or how television networks operate. and fundamental question is of the of military-industrial complex then get to those fundamental questions the people he empowered that
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were capable of impressing donald trump they were not ready to do the job they were given. if the united states senate had done its job and got beyond silly partisanship and ideology and did the job the constitution requires that there is no question they would reject betsy devoss. you should not be in this business. they have put of gotten through it at the epa scott has been one of the climate deniers of our age and would
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have rejected him because it would be absurd to put him in a position it doesn't matter if you are a conservative or liberal or a democrat or republican there should be a baseline of competence and respect for the agency that you are in charge of. if you want to shut it agency down or dismantle the should be elected to congress or elected president and work on dismantling but if you're given the responsibility to making sure that we are prepared to deal with hurricanes which hit major cities and leave the fourth largest city of the united states under water and this current science on climate change and with bad
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infrastructure so that you don't end up and scott pruitt was not prepared and should not have been pledged in that position. i hope i've made myself clear. [laughter] [applause] now one of the most dangerous group that i rightabout is rex if anyone of you is called the adult you would run screaming from the room because you have been picked for a position by someone who cannot be trusted a given power so with all due respect i give my a daughter power to do a lot of things and sometimes she is under control. but she doesn't control me
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as much as she would like. donald trump gave these people positions of the immense power. that they can be wrong or do the wrong thing. that is not a team of rivals or the best and brightest they are there because donald trump thought they were smart, but this is what the smart person sounds like
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he doesn't say go out and run that. and probably the first big one to go. i know how gorka is but people with real power. >> but then to be put in charge of a department of state with each of these positions and why they exist. as was eisenhower referred to as the military complex. maybe we can have diplomacy or relate to the rest of the world.
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but clearly rex tillerson is not listen to or well-regarded and chosen to allow the department of state that in a way secretary of state in the history of the country have never done. and then the agency of the federal government but to say have you talked to donald trump like the middle east? lee did not get around to read. that you talked about this problem and that problem? he had no idea how he would relate to donald trump as president.
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to stay put me in this position i will let them do this then i say go for it. and he hasn't shown it since then. i am unsparing in this book i it knowledge when people are smart. teeeighteen is very smart. beverly steve bannon was the adults in the room he thinks it takes that title chief strategist and i disagree and then bouncing from moment to moment. indent but said steve bannon
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must -- when doused everything must me cool. but the interesting saying is steve bannon really is a strategist and smart but donald trump went off the rail in the aftermath of charlottesville. so if you cannot after a bunch of neo-nazi fascist and supporters of the confederacy began in a fight with people who don't like racism you cannot have a president who says that. no.
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then you say what about the great moments in history like the civil war? but donald trump says yes. cryolite fascist or nazis but at that point something big had to change so steve bannon stepped out. so don't think for a second because these are people that donald trump that they took lessons from in the truth of the matter is that miller is still there. if you'd think steve bannon and gorka are scary go back and look at the videos of steve miller he has been a hard right since a young teenager. i write about his journey in
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the book it is such an example on so many issues ending up in a position of power and giving advice dollars -- donald trump has empowered people doing it without informed consent but has also brought people around him. if you like donald trump i am delighted yours your. so if you don't like donald trump if you choose to resist his must understand
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this. if all you do is resist donald trump then you are resisting it is like flipping the channel on television. you must understand why they are there and what they are going to do with those positions. you have to expand your focus. so donald trump was a total failure as president and then to write a revisionist book and to dial down the struggle against clementine judge day critical point and then our lives and engen no
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vision and. and over to the military-industrial complex and then to change that fundamentally people putting in charge of the cabinet agency all of these in powerful positions did it and we don't pay attention then shame on us because donald trump cannot bring the of trumpocalypse it is the people he has empowered and trumpocalypse isn't this carry bombs stuff that is legitimate with is as soon as surfing your on the button but the fundamental restructuring of the united states to make the country
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and familiar and those with liberty and justice for all. that is why we need to avert the trumpocalypse. [applause] >> i was supposed to go 30 minutes and you have 30 minutes for your question and come to the microphone. >> given your book you talk about the republicans' senate that enables all of this?. >> i did not put you up to this question but i adore you for asking it.
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high-profile 40 people many our cabinet secretaries many are having grisons -- are left over invalid data congress because paul ryan did more to make donald trump president than anyone else including donald trump. he objects now and again every time he objects he says i would not have said it that way. but if he is the nominee i will back him. so he expanded that definition to include donald trump but the core of making
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the presidency's successful that is mitch mcconnell. to be appointed transportation that was nice but he is picking on him nobody moved heaven and earth the way mitch mcconnell did and i am a ashamed of the united states senate. legitimately. days before scott pruitt was named administrator. just days before a judge in an oklahoma orders the release of documents while he was attorney general to
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reveal the interactions head of the epa this is incredibly important information into process other u.s. senators and literally to be released within days and mitch mcconnell went to the floor to force the nomination through. if they waited a few more days even republicans. with the oath of office. but i don't have to tell you
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with that fundamental issue but i will tell you that but that chapter on jeff sessions will that sums up of chapter what could be summed up that has not the already been said? especially by david duke still necklaces' then. >> he has exceeded expectations as. >> banks for everything said that was a teenager.
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so we could have members of congress is more difficult with cabinet agencies because they are not directly elected so what can we do as citizens to fight against and resist of the cabinet appointees?. >> so what i do in the book was on the radio show she said read your book over the weekend and made me dramatically more impressed. the point is to empower you. have for step is to know who they are and we see video of
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him struggling because to be presidential focus they don't begin to see what happens it in cabinet agencies. this is a big deal. historically in the united states with a tremendous number these to be the reporters of the "des moines register" we keep track of the department of agriculture the yet people from around the country provide a specialized interest to washington we lost a lot of that but those
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who jellicoe's different agencies as well as members of congress and i want to pay tribute that gorka to be an expert of counterterrorism to know where he really got his trading he had a nefarious past tied to groups in eastern europe neo-fascist history one reason that gorka is out today or because donald trump because of a jewish-american read newspaper called the ford in new york city when they saw
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him wearing medals that were historic that they thought were the neo-fascist groupings they put reporters on the ground to talk to the members to get to the bottom of this that led the congressmen and others to call for the removal to create that situation. people need to understand this. if you don't know who they are or their history you cannot possibly begin to hold them to account you can make your decisions barrasso pointing people toward groups and nemerov nader had read the book and was very generous and he always
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monitor the cabinet agencies points out impeachment isn't just for presidents that exist for president and vice presidents so you can hold these people to account would of people lied to the congress with a fundamentally failed in their duty than hold them to account and don't just focus all that energy r donald trump because there are people in any room that donald trump walked into he is that this curious person -- scariest person. >> has trouble some of them as he is shouldn't we look
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deeply at the flaws in the democratic party that enabled trump in the first place to rise in the future. >> your very wise. any statement is they lost to donald trump that is not good that is not healthy so here is what i would say the democratic party those who have pulled and impressive randolph rate has risen in the senate seat mr. taliban voted against more cabinet picks than the other members of the senate to stand in
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civilian control of the military and those that have been nominated the point is because eisenhower was right the military industrial complex was right it is in desperate need of a reformation a genuine reformation i believe donald trump's presidency is say warning sign of the vulnerabilities that is the electoral college that allows the loser of the popular vote to become president. but another is what we allow
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the cabinet system to become. these cabinet agencies are so powerful looking at their budgets it is astounding. and people who should never be in charge of so much to take those positions. but it is also a structural vulnerability the guy in charge of nuclear waste is one who wants to eliminate the department but could not remember that. nuclear doing a party of way they don't change maybe you are right but also those
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structural flaws that trump helps us to see we did not address those policies with more than one man and i have a lot of ejections the largely about this one man and this we the people get beyond that and we run the risk of replacing trump. >> en terms of the traditional party?. >> it is very hard aisle and your question i am not pushing you away but i am telling you that as we speak i am working on a book on the future of the democratic party.
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more of that. or who gave us donald trump's. >> i do believe that is what mr. trump is doing right now. this is the uncouth public. i think the courage if you ever have greatness thrust on you to represent your
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ideas well but he has with courage and stamina and family presents put himself at risk. but i think this happened because we allow this structure in 2015 before he announced his intention to run for office by the very excellent index our international debt is 20 2. 5 trillion but mr. trump did go ahead and run and amid race himself had to borrow $50 million. our fill a gap -- failure for a world to have credit available to have 1 trillion order won easily in times computing ability in a short
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period of time were it not for this form of money being made possible. i don't have any questions but i have two answers for your protege but the inconsistencies of the irs that are in need of reform they do have a working group correspondence with the central government and the responsibility. we must stop the merger and acquisition on the human and it has changed a global initiative and many catholic universal reason for participating in government and you are wrong about the things that you said not only is mr. trump courageous , in person that
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availability is not ideal everybody talks about jeff sessions but he identified 2.$4 billion of fraud in medicare and went about his job with high moral standards. the third point. >> give her one second. >> betsy devoss implemented for major cities nationwide building a better world was successful we're trying to help people have literacy in our country. >> they give for that you did a great job. >> there's more. you are contentious of the senate but they passed the digit act that delves into
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the growth of the internet's the senate is very wise and kidnapped in its own time across a broad range of things. >> you have done a great job . might i ask. this is a person who'd disagrees it me and probably a number of people in the room you have one last thing to say?. >> to be shut down the missile by our defense we are security after a threat by the demonstration of the american ability to take anti-ballistic missile. we are a free people. you cannot police the free people. >> they give for your contribution. please give her a round of applause for pro i will tell
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you is not easy to stand a better room where a lot of people disagree and i will also say that what she is trying to say what i think she tries to say is there are things many americans find and donald trump that they agree with. that is okay. but to those who do disagree with this president or object that you have a duty to be as courageous as she was when she stood up to offer her views because as long as we're talking to each other and debating we will get through this donald trump is a blip in the history of this country he is a transition point but is that to something dramatically better to ricocheted out or to
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politics of variations here on out? and that is what we will decide and with all due respect i don't believe we want more donald trump. but thanks for asking the question. >> on on behalf of all those who are not in line think we can all agree that the tweeting we have seen has been horribly democratic. >> can i address that? many people say we should not follow him or have him on television all the time but i strongly disagree. he is incredibly powerful. we should watch what he does if we agree that's fine but all i say is that is not
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enough. it is not enough to pay attention to his press conference or rally. it is vital to see what scott pruitt is doing or to wonder states and barely one week ago that the horrible press conference when trump went off the rails on charlottcharlott esville he was announcing changes to the federal regulations in which he was getting the executive order from 2016 to make sure u.s. spending on infrastructure to a given the concerns of climate change and storm surges and flooding. that obama order was entitled the florida -- the federal management standards
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and date overturned that two weeks ago and most americans did not even know it. it does not affect houston but it is in the future but what they did was to say we refuse to learn from what is happening that is shameful and you cannot let that occur without people knowing about it. that makes us work a little harder and stay up later with this regulatory captured is huge clearly these are the people who will enable that change but in turn they are unable as you mention and mitch mcconnell and paul reiser and by a complacent congress and why they get that way is the gerrymandering going space.
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going the wisconsin and background can you talk about the wisconsin supreme court case on redistricting? immigrate question. >> great question progress will do it quickly. look it up and follow what is happening with the gerrymandering we could see the united states supreme court finally addressed a chord democracy issue that most congressional races are not competitive. i do rightabout crests he is the guy the president has empowered to give the advice and counsel on voting rights and election issues. side of cover this character
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for years going back with the american and legislators of change conference in my view could only be called voter suppression the worst possible person to be in charge and i genuinely think we should be on top of what he is doing every day and ready to resist because could donald trump to get reelected? isn't about his policies or economic issues but the quality of our democracy i fear the people he put in charge how to organize elections are some of the worst players and disrespectful players in this country. that is why i write about him that why we have to stay on top and pay attention.
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>> if you can be? >> just with clarification there is millionaire democrats as well as republicans. . .
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>> separation of powers congress was really powerful. in fact the president doesn't have the ability to impeach the congress, the congress has the ability to impeach the president. this is big deal stuff. we've thrown things so out of whack we have created an imperial presidency that it's created a tremendous dysfunction and i wrote this to give people a reason to think about whether they want a presidency that is as powerful as this one. >> i will keep it simple. >> where did kelly ann conway come from? [laughter] >> my friend who was a comedian said apparently they had a
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scarecrow contest at the inaugural eagle know if that was respectful or disrespect to wait until where it was coming from but this is a good place to circle this around and i'm glad to answer peoples questions as well. i'i am so appreciative of your being here. if the answer to that is a good one. i start the book with robert and rebecca mercer and interestingly enough, robert and rebecca had two people they put a lot of resources into before the 2016 campaign. one of them was kelly ann conway who did all sorts of things very close to the mercer's who are incredibly right-wing billionaires and the other was steve and amazingly enough after
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donald trump at the republican nomination and be as wealthy people moved into position, who ended up running the campaign? i will simply tell you kelly ann conway is still in the white house and very influential and she in my view. an incredibly significant role in the campaign. one that we should not forget. kelly ann conway morris and anyone else stepped up and stood by him and defended him after that key debate. and i think she played a critical role in making him president of the united states. she doesn't seem to have a lot of influence in the white house but if somebody comes or goes don't take it all that seriously he constantly recirculate
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peopling brings them into power. i don't even watch that scare michie could come back and i will tell you in some ways i miss him but you've been a tremendous audience. don't forget labour day is coming up and i believe in renewing the tradition of the labor day gift. i just happened to think this makes a fine labor day gift. thanks for being here. [applause] please help us are staffed by pulling up your chairs.


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